Service Overview

STYLESGO provides a barber service unique experience by providing haircut and styling services directly to our client's locations. Our service not only enhances appearance and self-esteem, it also makes the lives of others less stressful and more relaxing. We send our licensed professional barbers and hairstylist to homes, hotels, health care facilities, and events anywhere in San Francisco. Enjoy a haircut in the privacy of your comfort zone with great conversation and a memorable experience.

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Residential Service

The residential haircut service is for home and apartment appointments only, we send our barbers and hairstylist to our customers front door. If you are a resident in San Francisco, CA request your In-home haircut with our licensed professional barbers & hairstylist on a date & time that works best.

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Hotel Service

We provide haircut and styling service to all hotels in San Francisco, our licensed barbers & hairstylist show up to hotel suites prepared to cut and style the hair of our customers. We currently provide service to hotel guest staying at the Four Season Hotel, JW Marriott, Hilton Hotel, and Ritz-Carlton Hotel, now you can add haircuts to your room service.

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Senior & Handicapped

STYLESGO offers senior & handicapped pricing to make life a little easier for those who can't make it to a barbershop or salon, a haircut from our professional barbers is a therapeutic experience that everyone deserves. We provide service to rehab facilities, hospitals, and senior homes, our focus is always to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their image and service.

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Event Service

Are you looking to schedule our service for a party of 3 or more, a wedding to clean up the guys for better photos, or a cooperate event for your office employees? STYLESGO has you covered. We send our top professional service providers to the location of your choice, please view all details below before requesting service. See Event Scheduling page for further details.